TRIOMED™ Active Mask Typ IIR 5 pieces

VAT included

The highly regarded TRIOMED™ mouth and nose protection from i3 BioMedical Inc. Canada is now exclusively available in Germany and other European countries. 

First of all, we limit the order quantity per customer or household. A maximum of one packaging unit with 50 pieces and/or three units with five pieces each can be purchased.

Antimicrobial effekt
- comfortable to wear
- EN 14683 Typ IIR Standard

Packaging unit: 5 pieces

Available immediately







Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Wearing mouth and nose protection helps fight the corona pandemic. Above all, the others are protected if the carrier is (undetected) infected with the corona virus. The extent to which the wearer himself is protected from infection if he comes into contact with virus carriers sometimes depends on the protection class of the mask and how it is handled. The mask itself can be dangerous if there are Covid19 pathogens on it. According to studies, it can remain active for up to seven days. Active protection with the new mask from TRIOMED™ (Active Mask Type IIR) is therefore a great advantage. The antimicrobial coating of the mouth and nose protection ensures that pathogens (including corona viruses) are killed within a very short time (over 99 percent). As a result, this mask offers comprehensive protection - it protects other people and the wearer themselves. The effectiveness was confirmed by a study by the University of Toronto.

The masks are designed for eight-hour shifts in the medical field. They can be worn over the entire shift. Nevertheless, they also offer strong protection in everyday life, namely where distances cannot be maintained or a mask is required, e.g. when shopping, at work, on public transport or during leisure activities.


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